Jun 20, 2018

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Murphy Bed- Insights

many people, space may be at a premium where you live. Whether its a small studio apartment or a townhouse or any other kind of dwelling imaginable, there are always many great reasons for freeing up as much space as possible around the home. Having as much empty floor space as possible can really enhance the comfort and overall feel of your home. One of the most innovative ways to do this is a new twist on an old favourite: Murphy wall beds.

What is a Murphy Wall Bed?

Generally people have seen a murphy bed on television at some stage or another and are familiar with its design concept; put simply, it is a bed that folds up into the wall when not being used. Old fashioned cartoons often featured these items, depicting them as bare bone, utilitarian ways of saving space in a cramped apartment or other abode. In today’s market, the image of Murphy wall beds is being redefined though new stylish designs are introduced. Rather than folding up and giving a rather odd appearance to the walls in a room, today’s wall beds are designed to fit in with the decor of a home, in many cases enhancing it dramatically.

Using Murphy wall beds makes sense; people in most cases tend to only use their beds after the sun goes down. In most homes traditional beds during the day are unused and simply are taking up valuable floor space. Imagine being able to wake up, get ready for the day, and folding up your unused bed into the wall. In its place, handsomely designed cabinetry or shelves appear. The room gains a much roomier appearance, allowing you to feel less confined.

Entertaining doesn’t have to be a tight fit

Entertaining guests can offer more space when you have a wall bed in your home. The bedroom that you sleep in at night can be transformed into a living room as you see fit. Any time you require additional space, you can fold up the bed and make it happen. Many homes, units and townhouses nowadays are not equipped to handle large groups of people. For instance, many Brisbane kitchens in new units and townhouses can be a tight fit and by allowing your party to flow out into your other areas of your place like your spare room can really help make it a less cramped experience overall.

Murphy beds are surging in popularity as stylish elements are incorporated into the new designs. Rather than being dull, boring additions to your small living quarters, today’s wall beds actually add a great deal of flair to many different decors. If you are trying to find ways of expanding the living space in your apartment or home, or wish to utilize a room for multiple purposes, consider a Murphy wall bed – it may just be the ideal solution for you. Begin exploring the many possibilities available today; you will find the perfect solution for your living space!

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